Content Creator: Brooksie Hussle of The Cannabis Chef Union

Brooksie Hussle is out to prove your mom was wrong when she told you not to play with your food.

Hussle is CEO of Baked Goods Brand and The Cannabis Chef Union where he helps bring cannabis and little fun into the kitchen and your diet. His cannabis infused food or edible line up from Baked Goods Brand features everything from gummies to pizza. However, he’s really excited about his new line of Edible Grillz, a chocolate version of the gold and diamond piece rappers are best known to indulge in. Hussle said THC versions will launch in the Washington I-502 markets this summer, but hemp CBD versions will be available on his website as well.

While the image of adults wearing chocolate grillz is entertaining already, what takes these to the next level is the addition of terpenes. Terpenes are hydrocarbons responsible for scents and tastes of things like lemons (limonene), rosemary (pinene, eucalyptol), lavender (linalool) and of course cannabis (all of the aforementioned). Hussle said he’s partnered with True Terpenes to use terpenes to enhance the flavor of the chocolate.

“I honestly don’t understand why we don’t use cannabis-derived terpenes in all cuisine,” Hussle said. “Terpenes not only add unique flavors but also adds healing benefits. Why not have it in everyday foods? I don’t think all chefs have been exposed to terpenes and they need to be NOW.”

Hussle has had a lifelong obsession with food that comes from cooking with his family as a child. After helping build a cannabis edible brand in West Los Angeles, he headed to Las Vegas to develop his own brand. While expanding in Nevada Hussle kept hearing the same story about people with licenses and capital having difficulties finding chefs that were qualified both to cook and use cannabis. From these repeated instances the Cannabis Chef Union was born. The Union and True Terpenes are now working together to develop extensive recipes, drinks, meals and formulas to help expand the palate of the US cannabis consumer.

“Some dinner parties are mellow and some are extremely upbeat,” Hussle said. “I believe that terpenes help set these moods and just depends on what flavor profile you use.”

The Union is also accepting registration for chefs that would like to participate and be connected to cannabis events, industry jobs and related information. (

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