Content Creator: Daniel Luebke of HeyLo Cannabis

Daniel Luebke is trying to bring terpenes to life.

Luebke is the Director of Marketing for HeyLo Cannabis a Seattle-based cannabis processing business that is attempting to bridge the gap between consumer and company with knowledge. The cannabis plant creates a complex variety of effects and due to this many causal users have had less than optimal experiences in the past.

“The key lies in selecting your cannabis based on terpene profiles, not on THC levels or the names Indica or Sativa,” Luebke said.

Terpenes are what gives cannabis (and most plants, fungi, bacteria on earth) its scents and tastes. Simply put they’re why some cannabis smells like a pine tree and some smells like a skunk. However, these scents and tastes also correlate into physiological effects. Studies have linked terpenes like myrcene to sedation or pain relief and alpha-pinene with memory improvement and energy. With this information you may want to avoid myrcene or a myrcene heavy cannabis product if you’re headed to work or alpha-pinene if you’re an insomniac.

Luebke and HeyLo have created branding and packaging that highlights the terpene profiles and contents of their varieties. The packaging has the 3 most common terpenes in the product, verbal and color-coded cues along with a scale of effect. While the packaging is helpful, they’ve pushed further creating music playlists that pair with the cannabis product and terpene profile.

Although HeyLo Cannabis specializes in creating full-spectrum extracts with no additions, Luebke said they share a passion for education and botanical extraction with True Terpenes. This mutual love for terpenes and informing the public led to educational partnerships with True Terpenes.

The natural evolution of the music, education and cannabis was to create strain themed concerts under the name of HeyLo Sessions. HeyLo’s unique location in the SODO industrial area of Seattle and the size of their facility has allowed them to host these sessions in-house creating a special atmosphere where bands perform as an Eden Labs extraction set up looms in the background.

“Education and transparency are the core of our company,” Luebke said. “Nothing helps create trust better than opening our doors so people can see where we work and then helping them understand our products and cannabis better.”

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