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August 22, 2018

Here’s How Terpenes Affect You

It’s no surprise that when people hear about terpenes, they take a step back and ask questions like:

  • What are terpenes?
  • Why are terpenes important?
  • How do terpenes affect the body?

Similar to most anything new in our lives, we want to know more before we engage, consume, or enjoy. As science, technology, and knowledge expand in the terpene field, we’re discovering the wonderful benefits and clean effects of terpenes at a substantial rate.

At True Terpenes, we believe the more questions you have, the better. Our mission is to deliver premium quality terpenes to our customers while educating them on the products they buy from us. In this post, we’ll answer the three questions posed above.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are oils found in cannabis and non-cannabis sources. For example, about 200 terpenes have been found in cannabis alone. Collectively, there’s an estimated 30,000 different terpenes from non-cannabis sources, too. At True Terpenes, we work primarily with non-cannabis sources, which we will expand upon later in this post. Nonetheless, terpene oils are what give plants, trees, and other sources their aroma and taste.

For example, a pine tree smells like pine due to the chemical compound Pinene, a terpene. Want to know what makes an orange smell like citrus? One of the reasons is the chemical compound Myrcene, which is highly prevalent in many citrusy sources. Finally, if you’ve ever wondered why cannabis smells and tastes the way it does when you enjoy it, it’s because of the terpenes, among other natural chemicals. Depending on the strain you choose, you will experience a unique aromatic-flavor due to terpenes.

At True Terpenes, we work with non-cannabis sourced terpenes. We focus on maintaining the highest level of purity without terpene extracts. This means that we steam-distill our sources to gather terpene oils. We then offer our customers terpene isolates, which are individual terpenes, or terpene profiles, which combine multiple terpenes into one product. Whether you choose to try an isolate or a profile, you will enjoy a unique terpene experience.

If you’re wondering why we choose to source non-cannabis based terpenes, it’s all about purity. We’ve chosen to offer our customers natural products that haven’t been in contact with psychoactive chemicals like THC. Furthermore, for us to certify our products organic, natural, non-GMO, and food-grade, we must offer exactly that from non-cannabis sources.

Why are terpenes important?

Scientific studies along with customer stories all point to numerous benefits to the consumption of terpenes. As technology advances, so does our understanding of terpenes overall. There are dozens of potential benefits being found in terpenes. Terpenes have been confirmed in studies to act as the following agents:

  • Soothing
  • Energy
  • Ease inducing
  • Seasonal Problems
  • And more!

Terpenes also offer specific recreational benefits many have deemed life-changing. For example, the terpene isolate Limonene has been reported in studies and by customers to offer a boost in energy when consumed. What’s more, you can take Limonene as an isolate, or you can mix it into your morning tea, energy drink, or coffee as a flavoring agent.

How do terpenes affect you?

This is one of the more popular questions we get from those new to terpenes. In most cases, people bring their research over from studying cannabis, which is great. Similar to cannabis and other chemicals we may ingest, terpenes affect the body in a very specific way. Studies have tested and observed how terpenes affect the spirit with great hope and success.

Certain terpenes offer an uplifting, energetic experience while others offer a peaceful, focused experience.

Ongoing studies are testing the effectiveness of terpenes in medical applications as a natural way to help mitigate discomfort, reduce unease, and even provide energy. Furthermore, if you simply want to feel calmer or more energetic, you can find a terpene that does that for you.

True Terpenes: Certified Natural Terpene Products

If you’re interested in giving terpenes a try, shop for them online now. At True Terpenes, we work diligently to give our customers high-quality, organic terpene products to fulfill their wants and needs. Your lifestyle or situation doesn’t limit you when it comes to enjoying an isolate or profile. Our products are certified natural, organic, non-GMO, and food-grade. Order online now!

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