How To Effectively Take A Forest Bath

If you want to properly take a forest bath, you need to first slow down. The speed at which we live our modern lives is so much faster than that of the forest. The goal is to match your rhythm and speed to the forest, breathing in and out. Here is how you can effectively take a forest bath:

Take A Forest Bath

#1. Discover The Right Location

It may seem silly to think that you need to find the “right place” in the forest to take your bath. Also, a forest bath doesn’t typically involve water, either. It’s an immersion in a forest to give your senses something else to focus on — something slower and more rhythmic than your modern life. To find the right location for you, start with removing yourself as much as possible from your tech-filled life. Once you feel “removed” enough, it’s time to decide how you will experience the forest. Will you wander around with intention, or will you sit in one place? Next, you will focus on your breathing.

#2. Choose Time And Duration

When will you take your forest bath? How long will your bath be? As mentioned above, we recommend you start with two forest baths per week at 30 minutes per session. This will give you a gentle introduction into the wonderful world of nature. Eventually, you will feel as though you want more time in the forest, and you can increase your number of sessions or time per session.

#3. Bring Only What Is Necessary

Yes, you may be adventuring out to a secluded area, but only take what is necessary. A small first aid kit, water, and a map. If you feel it necessary, keep your phone in your bag on silent. Refrain from taking photos until after your bath.

#4. Take It Slow

As you walk through the forest, take your time. You’re not in a rush. It’s not a race. Your intent is to connect with the forest’s rhythm — to feel connected. Shinrin-yoku is not a hike, walk, or jog. It’s an intent-based sense experience so that your body can slow down and connect with something other than your modern life.

#5. Focus On The Small Details

As you settle into your forest bath, take note of the small details that you see, hear, and smell. Whether you’re sitting or wandering, look around, take in deep breaths, listen for even the faintest noises. Glance up at the forest canopy. Notice the light breaking through. Find leaves and study the patterns on them. If you encounter a river or stream, watch as the water breaks off rocks and rolls over ridges. As you walk past trees, bushes, and more, touch them. Slowly drag your fingers across them. The focus on small details is to help you feel, not think.

#6. Consider Companions

Some people feel more comfortable with a friend, whether human or animal. You can enjoy the company of others as you bathe in the forest. Remember, the ultimate outcome of Shinrin-yoku is to slow down and connect with your senses.

#7. Breathe Deep

Your breath is the basis of your forest bath. It’s what you will focus on, primarily, as you wander the forest. Your intent is to inhale and exhale deeply. Eventually, you will feel your body’s pace begin to slow. This is a sign that you are integrating with nature. You can focus solely on you breath, enjoying the scents and aromas.

Apply Shinrin-Yoku To Daily Life

You may not have time every single week to find a forest and intently wander. However, you can utilize the same principles at home. Get yourself a few different plants and place them in a given room. You can shop terpenes for sale online, too, for a more immersive experience. Finally, scheduling time to tap into your senses and focus on your breathing has been known for thousands of years to help

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