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November 28, 2017

Increasing Energy With Terpenes – Part 2

Hello, and welcome back! In our last blog post, we talked about some of the incredible energy benefits that can come from choosing the right terpenes. These energizing choices are perfect for kick starting your day and giving you a little boost when you need it most. They included:

  • Phellandrene: A peppermint and citrus terpene that is found in many different plants. Today, we use it in perfume and in food flavoring.
  • Pinene: This terpene smells of pine and fir trees. The energizing properties and scents are a great way to lift your spirit

However, they aren’t the only options when it comes to finding great terpenes for sale! Read on to learn more about the energizing options we offer.


Cadinene has been known to assist with inflammation, improving energy levels, and uplifting the spirits of users. While we offer cadinene in our terpene selection, we know that this chemical component is also found in basil essential oils and is often used to add flavoring to food. These oils are often used for their clean benefits. Much like pinene, cadinene also has discomfort reducing properties.


Camphor, which comes from camphene, is a plant-derived monoterpene. We believe it smells like fir needles and the damp scent of the woods. It is a minor component in some essential oils, including turpentine, camphor oil, ginger oil, and citronella oil. Some people use this oil as a food additive or to make perfumes and other fragrances. With the soothing scents of the woodlands and high energy of the outdoors, it’s no wonder this terpene is a natural energy-booster.


Eucalyptol is most commonly used in mouthwash, and the chemical is extremely helpful in suppressing coughs. As you may have guessed from the name, this terpene is commonly found in eucalyptus, among other plants (including bay leaves, tea tree, sweet basil, and wormwood). People have claimed that the terpene flavor is minty, cool, and even a little spicy at times. Anything with this much flavor is sure to perk you right up and help you feel more energized throughout the day. We’ve found that this terpene is beneficial when looking for discomfort, energy, soothing, focus, and life-boosting.

True Terpenes for Sale

We don’t believe in selling chemicals that have been mixed with unnecessary junk. That’s why all of our terpenes are food-grade, natural, organic, and non-GMO. You can add each of our terpenes to your concentrates, edibles, topicals, or whatever you would like. Feel free to blend our terpenes together for a new experience! For wholesale terpenes, contact True Terpenes today. Our team can show you the best way to measure and use the terpenes, as well as give you some advice on how to be safe and precise in your mixing! We look forward to working with you.

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