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October 25, 2018

Kitchen Toke features True Terpenes in Recipe

If you’re looking for new recipes for your True Terpenes collection, you may want to invest in a subscription to Kitchen Toke.

Kitchen Toke is a national food magazine that focuses on cooking with cannabis from a recreational and medical standpoint. The publication features recipes that are infused with everything from cannabis leaf and flower to extracts and of course, terpenes. Terpenes have always had a fundamental place in cooking, and they are responsible for influencing the taste, aroma and effect of fruits, vegetables and herbs traditionally used in cooking. It only makes sense that Kitchen Toke features recipes infused with True Terpenes products.

The publication is issued quarterly, and the third edition was just released. It features recipes from New York-based Chef Melissa D’Elia. D’Elia has been a professional chef for more than 15 years and has a focus on creating meals that help reduce discomfort. This work brought her to incorporate cannabis into many of her meals. She created recipes for Grilled Fennel and Leeks with True Terpenes Myrcene and an Infused Maple Budino that includes True Terpenes botanically-derived strain profiles.

However, you’ll have to get a copy of Kitchen Toke to get the full recipes. Copies can be found at Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods or you can subscribe at their website. You can also get free recipes on the Kitchen Toke website as well as here on the True Terpenes blog.

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