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March 15, 2019

Technophiles Discover The Benefits Of Forest Bathing

Are you a trailblazer of technology? Do you flock to stores to order and preorder the next gadget or upcoming tech? Technophiles are those who absolutely love technology and keep it anchored in their daily lives. If this sounds like you, we want to encourage you to leave your gadgets at home, your phone in your car, and enjoy a forest bath at least once a week.

Sound impossible, crazy, or even insane? You’re not alone. Millions around the globe have integrated tech into their lives, and even the thought of “leaving their phone” behind has their teeth chattering from an oncoming panic attack. But we want to introduce the benefits of Forest Bathing to technophiles so that, maybe one day, you can leave your phone at home and go enjoy the great outdoors.

At True Terpenes, we’re about you living your best life. One of the ways we help is to offer high-quality terpenes. As a leader in precision botanical terpene blends, we provide otherworldly flavor and aroma experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

How do terpenes relate to forest bathing? Well, there are around 30,000 different terpenes that have been recorded to exist in nature. Many of those terpenes are in trees and plants. Guess what forests are full of? Trees and plants! So, as you enjoy a forest bath, you’re also enjoying natural terpenes being emitted throughout the forest.

Benefits of Forest Bathing for Technophiles

Your hands may shake. Your head may spin. When you look up from your phone, you may notice a light other than your ceiling fan after your phone dies. But you do need to leave your tech at home for a forest bath to be effective. If you want a break from your modern life, or to slow down from your breakneck pace, it can help to enjoy some terpenes, go for a forest bath, or both. Here are the benefits that technophiles will enjoy when experiencing nature regularly:

#1. Slow Down

One of the near-immediate benefits of forest bathing is that you’ll start to slow down. A technology-induced hyperactive mind is not sustainable over long periods of time. Granted, human cognitive ability does change and it varies daily, but constantly being “plugged in” is tough on you and your mind. Spending time in the forest with the intent of using your senses to notice what’s around you helps to change your cognitive rhythm.

#2. Relax

Take a load off. Kick your feet up. Have one of your favorite beverages. When we think of relaxing, our mind instantly goes to technology. When you kick your feet up and have a beer, what do you also do? You turn on the television, or you turn to your phone to glance through social media. Some even take a selfie to show that they’re actually taking a break from their modern lives. As much as you think this is a “break” from life, your brain doesn’t get a break. Engaging it with a digital screen keeps it on and running. If you want to truly relax, you need to disconnect from tech. This is why forest bathing is so beneficial to your sanity.

#3. Reduce Stress

If you slow down and relax, your body is not stressed. It’s in a calm, peaceful state. Guess what happens when your body is calm, relaxed, and in peace? It heals. Did you know that sleeping is when a majority of your healing from physical ailments actually occurs? Taking a forest bath isn’t sleeping, but it helps reduce some stress so that your body doesn’t have to heal as much when you do find sleep later that night.

#4. Enjoy Terpenes, Naturally

If you’ve ever wandered through a forest and took note of the potent pine aroma and the musky taste on your tongue as you breathe deep. In a forest filled with pine trees, this is an experienced tagged with the terpene Alpha Pinene, as well as others. You can shop terpenes for sale online and enjoy them at home, or you can go out and encounter them naturally and enjoy the aromas and flavors outside, away from your tech.

#5. Reconnect With Self

Have you felt disconnected from yourself lately? Do you feel as though your phone steals a little bit of your soul every time you check it for a notification that’s not there (check out phantom vibration syndrome)? It may be time to face the truth that you’re a technophile. The first step to any problem is acknowledging that it exists, and you do have options. One of those options is to practice forest bathing!

True Terpenes: Precision Botanical Terpene Blends

Whether you decide to get outside or remain indoors, you can enjoy the aromas and flavors of nature with our terpenes. True Terpenes provides certified natural, organic, food-grade, non-GMO terpene products like strain profiles and isolates for you to enjoy. Shop our terpenes for sale online now, and consider getting outside tomorrow. It may benefit you.

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