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February 21, 2018

Terpene Isolate Spotlight: What is Limonene?

Citrus offers a lot to human health. The uplifting orange, lemon aroma paired with vitamin-C support is a great benefit. Nonetheless, something more specific than citrus is Limonene, a major acting terpene in citrus fruit peel oils. Limonene is found in nature and can be extracted for its pleasant aromatic properties. For most, the aroma alone is a wonderful experience; however, for some the beneficial systemic properties mean so much more. Want to learn how Limonene can positively affect your life? Read the following blog post to find out!

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Limonene holds a history in medical applications, which is one major reason True Terpenes offers the terpene for sale online. The terpene offers various therapeutic effects alongside aromatic experiences. It’s one thing to read about the great benefits of terpenes online, and it’s another thing entirely to enjoy your own order of food-grade terpenes from True Terpenes. Want to enjoy the benefits of all-natural terpenes and tease your taste buds? Try True Terpenes!

A Common Yet Important Terpene

There are quite a few terpenes found in nature—hundreds in fact. Limonene is among one of the most common and most popular due to its wonderful aroma and beneficial therapeutic effects. It’s been used in cosmetics, drugs, foods, and detergent. Across the board, Limonene is a fantastic terpene you should experience for yourself.

Multiple Applications

Limonene naturally occurs in pine, rosemary, mint, and juniper. It’s considered an all-around flavorful terpene with applications medically and recreationally. As a versatile terpene, Limonene has been shown to act as a seasonal aid, uplifting agent, unease solution, spirit aid, and energy help. As mentioned above, industry is working to take advantage of the Limonene properties to benefit our lives.

Naturally Limonene

Although it’s taken a while for humans to understand the existence, function, and benefits of terpenes, nature has been utilizing and leveraging them since the beginning of time. Terpenes are an inherent aspect of plants, which have been used for plant mating and defense mechanisms. Terpenes have kept plants thriving for a very long time.

Oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits tend to have an abundance of the Limonene terpene in their skin or rind, which helps with the highly reactive monoterpene properties. This means Limonene is a major factor in deterring insects, pests, and the like. The strength of Limonene also affects humans when they enjoy the terpene. The potent zest teases the taste buds and calls upon the olfactory to sense the Limonene. Although Limonene is harmless yet pleasant to humans it makes sense why plants have been using it to survive for a very long time.

More Limonene Information

One other terpene is more commonly found in nature: Myrcene. The reason for the Myrcene mention is the chemical compounds found in various terpene strains. Limonene can smell like tangerines or even piney-lemons depending on the chemical makeup of the compound in question. Myrcene is a potent terpene when found with Limonene and can make the compound smell and taste slightly different. This is relevant to any terpene strain profile. The combination of multiple terpenes found in one chemical compound can offer various sense experiences.

Obviously, Limonene and other terpenes require much more research to understand them more comprehensively; however, the promise and already known positive effects of terpenes is a great discovery.

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Are you looking for a positive terpene experience? Want to support immune health? True Terpenes offers strains which include Limonene or the Limonene isolate for you to enjoy. Shop terpenes online today!

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