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January 9, 2018

Essential Oils & Terpenes: Learn the Basics

Terpenes, at their core, are the parts of a plant or flower that create the scents we smell when we inhale. So what makes them different from essential oils? True Terpenes is here with the answers.

Terpenes are phenols that release a specific scent, depending on what kind they are. For example, Citral releases the citrusy scent we smell with lemon and Linalool smells more like lavender, as that is where it is found.

Rise in Popularity

In more recent years, both terpenes and essential oils have grown more and more popular. However, they have been around for as long as plants have! When it comes to terpenes in particular, people began to take notice with the growing cannabis industry. In states where cannabis is legal, indoor grows encouraged the breeding of specific strains. With all the focus put on high levels of THC, the results were pretty disappointing. The heavy-THC genetics were testing well in the lab, but patients of medicinal marijuana were left disappointed. Why? First, the flavor and aroma decreased, but that aside, these plants didn’t hold the medicinal effects that patients were looking for.

We know today that terpenes bond to cannabinoid receptors in the body, which is what heightens the effects of both THC and CBD. When the growers accidentally removed the terpenes through selective breeding, they actually declined the medicinal value of the plant.

Terpenes and Essential Oils

So if terpenes come from plants and cause the scents, what is the difference between terpenes and essential oils? Terpenes are found in all plants, and their healing qualities can be enjoyed in many different vehicles—not just cannabis. Terpenes can be found in essential oils. In fact, some of the most popular essential oils contain some of your favorite terpenes.

So why not just choose essential oils? Well, essential oils aren’t just the terpenes. They usually include a blend of terpenes and are labeled under one name, like lavender. Terpenes and terpene oils are distributed a bit differently. At True Terpenes, we don’t sell “lavender.” We offer the pure terpene Linalool that can be found in lavender.

So, at the base level, essential oils are made up of different terpenes all blended into one scent. Terpenes for sale are just that—strictly terpenes.

Using Terpenes

There are a few ways to use terpenes, just as there are with essential oils. Many people find success using our terpenes to achieve a desired effect, such as using Alpha Pinene to uplift the spirits and improve your work. Just like with essential oils, you can add these terpenes to your food, you can diffuse them —whatever you would like. Just be sure to dilute them properly first, as they can be dangerous in their highly concentrated state!

If you aren’t sure which one of our terpenes for sale to choose, don’t worry. We can help. First, start by thinking about what sort of effect you are going for. From soothing to unwinding, comforting to focus, we have the terpenes for you. Shop now to find yours.

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