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October 3, 2018

Terpenes for Addiction: Learn How Terpenes Can Help

A recent study shows terpenes may be helpful for treating addiction.

Addiction is a disease many people have firsthand experience with. Researchers in Thailand have developed a novel treatment for people with addiction to inhalants, more commonly known as huffing. While all addiction is difficult to treat, there currently isn’t an approved therapy for inhalant addiction.

To fill the void in treatment options, the researchers looked to aromatherapy. They designed an aromatherapy research method attempting to create a better treatment. Previous research, cited in the report, referenced studies in which the essential oil of lavender or the primary terpene linalool were able to reduce symptoms of addiction such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, focus, pain, and cravings.

Those that used the lavender essential oils had the most impact on their cravings, anxiety and even blood pressure. Additionally, the lavender perfume did provide some relief, especially when compared with the results of those that had no treatment.

What’s in Lavender essential oil?

Lavender is a plant and essential oil that has a long history of use for food and drink. It’s also a plant that like cannabis has its own entourage effect. Most of the terpene profile is either linalool or linalyl acetate, a related compound. However, the profile is also comprised of alpha/beta-pinene, eucalyptol, myrcene, camphor, ocimene and other terpenes. This combination helps explain the anxiety, craving and focus benefits of lavender essential oils, according to the researchers.

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