True Terpenes joins Outside Lands

True Terpenes is helping bring the smell and taste of cannabis to Outside Lands this year.

Outside Lands Music and Art Festival recently announced the addition of the Grass Lands, an interactive space dedicated to educating concertgoers about cannabis products and their many uses to their 11th annual festival which runs August 10-12 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

True Terpenes is a Portland-based company that focuses on using the highest quality, organic terpenes from a variety of non-cannabis plants to replicate the scent and taste from cannabis varieties such as OG Kush or Granddaddy Purple. The smells and tastes you associate with cannabis actually come from what are known as terpenes that are found in plants around the world. Terpenes such as pinene are traditionally in plants like pine or rosemary, but are also found in cannabis. This allows True Terpenes to create formulations for use in aromatherapy, cosmetics, food, drink or vape products that don’t fall under the complicated laws that cannabis extracts would.

While no cannabis consumption will be allowed at Outside Lands, a delivery service will be available for use offsite. The Grass Lands will also feature a Flower Shop, Greenhouse and Confectionary where you can ask questions from budtenders and growers or get a non-medicated example of cannabis edibles. The highlight of the event will be the Scent Wall where True Terpenes will be utilizing the aforementioned terpene profiles to demonstrate the diversity of cannabis varieties and their effects.

Beyond simply creating a flavor or scent, terpenes also create the effect of the cannabis varieties. A good example is linalool. Linalool is found in high amounts in lavender which most people know for its ability to reduce muscle pain, relieve anxiety and sleep. Linalool is also found in cannabis varieties like Granddaddy Purple and is responsible for their sedative effects.

“The goal with both the lemonade stand and the smell wall is to feature and educate in a tangible way the effects-rich properties of pure terpene isolates and blends through smell and taste,” True Terpenes’ Marketing Director David McLean said. “What people will find interesting is the aromatic difference and that effects like uplift, relax and calm can be felt through terpenes without the presence of cannabis.”

True Terpenes will also be hosting a Lemonade Stand in partnership with Berner’s Lemonade/Cookies SF. The Lemonade Stand will feature freshly squeezed mango, orange and strawberry lemonades infused with True Terpenes’ Super Lemon Haze and Clementine terpene profiles. Hot teas served with terpene infused sugar cubes will be available as well.

For more information about the event please contact David Heldreth at or to purchase products please email or visit

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