Terpene Extracts: Best Terpene Companies To Check Out in 2021

Article by Justin Cooke (Source)   Best Terpene Extract Companies True Terpenes — Best Supplier Overall Cali Terpenes — Best Terp Sprays Denver Terpenes — Best Source of Isolated Terpenes What Are Terpene Concentrates? Terpenes are found throughout the plant kingdom. They provide the characteristic aroma for herbs like lilac, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and countless others. […]

New Zealand craft soda wins award for terpene innovation

Good Herb Soda, a New Zealand-based craft soda manufacturer, has won the NZ Inspire+ Artisan Awards in the Craft Beverage category as a result of its innovative use of True Terpenes’ blends in their UnWind and InZone drinks. The award recognizes a product’s degree of innovation, fit for purpose, visual appeal, taste, price point, and shelf-life and […]

Why Every Company Needs A Scientific Advisory Board

by Chris Campagna The cannabis industry has reached a point in its evolution where science and research are no longer an added bonus, rather a necessity.  As we continue to tout the benefits of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, skeptics and investors need science-based evidence in order to establish credibility and trust in the industry. […]

True Terpenes Launches Scientific Advisory Board

Neurologist and Pioneer Researcher, Dr. Ethan Russo, and Pharmaceutical Expert, Dr. Randall Murphy join board to further study the entourage effect PORTLAND, Oregon – May 26, 2020 – True Terpenes, the leading platform for terpenes innovation, research and development, announces the creation of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to research the medical potential of terpenes […]

Yoga and Terpenes, a natural fit

  Feeling frazzled?  Overwhelmed? Pause for a moment and take a deep breath.  Inhale slowly in through your nose, hold it in for a moment, then exhale out with a long sigh.  If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, this is something you might hear the instructor say quite often. Why?  Because in order to […]

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DEA Makes Studying Cannabis Easier

  The DEA just announced it’s going to make researching terpenes and cannabis a bit easier. The DEA has been under heavy scrutiny lately following the filing of a lawsuit against the agency by researcher Dr. Sue Sissley. Sissley is a psychologist that has been investigating the potential uses of cannabis for PTSD and other […]

Terpenes And Your Business: Candy

  Terpenes And Your Business: Candy Stores   Perhaps one of the hallmarks of the present age is America’s willingness to embrace its inner child. Every day, new stores open up that cater to adults who measure their age not by what’s on their driver’s license, but what’s their shoe size. A business trend that […]

Terpenes And Your Business: Dispensary

 * Recreational and medical cannabis is not legal in all U.S. states. Consult the laws in your state. Why Terpenes Are Important In Cannabis   Terpenes exist all throughout plant-based nature. Terpenes are lovely little molecules that can be found in fruits, vegetables, trees, herbs, and all other types of plants. Terpenes are basically essential […]

6 Profitable Reason To Buy Wholesale Terpenes In Bulk

Whether you’re a retailer, dispensary, manufacturer, or extractor, you can gain profits with terpenes. In fact, terpenes have been shown to be great primary products for retailers, as well as cross- or up-sell items at the POS. B2C and B2B businesses can leverage the wonderful wave of terpene isolates and strains rushing across the nation […]

How Dispensaries Use Terpenes To Increase Revenue

As a dispensary, helping customers while increasing revenue is the name of the game. Your budtenders and other sales people need to understand that to increase revenue, they need to focus on the existing customers. Granted, you will want to grow your client base with new customers, but around 80 percent of your overall revenue […]

The One Secret To Increase Your Dispensary Sales

If you own and operate a dispensary in any part of the country, you’re constantly looking for ways to increase revenue without increasing your overhead. This is one of the big goals for any business buying and selling bulk terpenes. You’re not alone in this endeavor. Thousands of businesses across the country are using the […]

LTRMN launches True Terpenes powered BEZEL product line

You may be tasting True Terpenes strain profiles a lot more often if you live in Oregon. Bezel, a premiere cartridge brand based in Portland, Oregon; has launched a new line of distillate based products that feature True Terpenes botanical-terpene strain profiles. Bezel is the newest branch of the tree that is LTRMN, a brand […]

The Benefits of Wholesale Terpene Bulk Purchases For Retailers

As a business owner or stock manager, you want to increase revenue, and there are a few ways you can do that. You can sell more of what you already offer. You can raise your prices. Or, you can introduce a new product line to your existing customers. Similar to regulars at a restaurant or […]

True Terpenes launches new strain profiles

True Terpenes would like to announce an otherworldly special addition to our product line. We are proud to introduce our newest botanical terpene profiles: Wedding Cake, Grapefruit Romulan, Thin Mint Cookies, Limoncello and Black Lime. Wedding Cake is a mash-up of sweet, pastry-named varieties to create a profile good enough for any special day. Cherry […]

How Cannabis Companies Are Using Terpenes To Expand Their Businesses

New market opportunities are presenting themselves to the companies already on the forefront of the cannabis and terpene industries. Not only are businesses like yours riding the wave (instead of being rolled beneath it), but you’re taking advantage of having the market’s voice directly in your ear. As consumers begin to become more aware of […]

New Terpene Strain Profiles: Mimosa, Superglue, and Watermelon

Are you interested in terpenes? Have you been wanting to try new strain profiles? At True Terpenes, we’re always looking for new strains to combine and offer to our customers. Whether it be Do-Si-Dos or Sundae Driver, you can trust that we produce high-quality strains you will enjoy. A common concern with most terpene consumers […]

True Terpenes expands retail locations

True Terpenes is excited to announce we are expanding our brick and mortar presence across the United States through retail and distribution partnerships. Over the years, we have become known for our award winning botanical terpene blends along with best-in-class quality, compliance and customer service. It is in the spirit of customer service that we […]

Terpene Buyer’s Guide

Knowing what to look for is the first step to sourcing quality and effective aromatics for your vape pen products.