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New Zealand craft soda wins award for cannabis-inspired terpene innovation

Good Herb Soda, a New Zealand-based craft soda manufacturer, has won the NZ Inspire+ Artisan Awards in the Craft Beverage category as a result of its innovative use of True Terpenes’ blends in their UnWind and InZone drinks.

The award recognizes a product’s degree of innovation, fit for purpose, visual appeal, taste, price point, and shelf-life and was awarded to Good Herb Soda for its non-alcoholic sparkling herbal beverages. The refreshing fruity blend, UnWind, enhances relaxation, while earthy and ginger flavor, InZone, promotes focus.

“We are honored to receive such a prestigious award that highlights our efforts in beverage innovation,” says Arjun Bhargava, Co-Founder of Good Herb Soda. “Our mission to create healthy non-alcoholic functional drinks that enhance consumers’ experience would not be possible without True Terpenes and the company’s commitment to safety and innovation.”

Terpenes – the organic, aromatic compounds that give botanicals their own unique scent and flavor – enhance the experience of the consumer, promoting energy, focus or relaxation, depending on the terpene used. Good Herb Soda utilizes terpene blends supplied by True Terpenes, the industry-leader in innovation and production of effects-based terpenes and terpenoid blends, to give the sodas a unique flavors and effects.

Good Herb Soda was founded in 2019 with a mission to generate more awareness around the wellness aspect of psychotropics such as cannabis and help consumers curate their experience. Their Natural sparkling terpene sodas are inspired by cannabis strains and recreated using terpenes extracted from natural plants.

“We are committed to creating great tasting effects-based drinks for consumers, while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards throughout the industry,” says Arjun Narayanan, Co-Founder of Good Herb Soda. “True Terpenes has set the standard of excellence in their industry, which was integral to our decision in partnering with the company,”

True Terpenes was the first company in the industry to receive GMP/ISO/FSSC certification, which ensures the highest level of quality and safety for its products. The company continues to expand and reach new heights in innovation, while building out a library of botanical and naturally-derived compounds to help companies and consumers around the world experience thousands of flavor profiles.

“Our commitment to creating safe and effective blends is unmatched throughout the industry, as highlighted through our GMP/ISO/FSSC certifications,” says Chris Campagna, CEO and Founder of True Terpenes. “We are honored to partner with Good Herb Soda, as they share our passion for innovation and drive to provide consumers with a reliable, enjoyable experience every time.”

Good Herb Soda is currently available in New Zealand and can be found at major health retailers including IE Produce in Auckland. For more information on purchasing Good Herb Soda visit their website here.

About Good Herb Soda

Good Herb Soda is a beverage manufacturer committed to creating great tasting drinks with effective, reliable effects by utilizing botanical-based terpenes. Their first two effects-based drinks, UnWind and InZone combine a traditional seltzer with botanical-based terpenes in an innovative beverage that tastes great. They are based in Auckland, New Zealand.

About True Terpenes
True Terpenes is the industry-leader in innovation and production of effects-based terpenes and terpenoid blends. The first terpenes company to receive GMP/ISO/FSSC certification, True Terpenes’ ultra-refined botanical terpenes and other aromatic compounds are used by some of the largest beverage, cannabis, cosmetic, food, industrial and pharmaceutical brands for product differentiation. Supported by an expert Scientific Advisory Board, the company is advancing the scientific analysis of terpenes and further studying the “entourage effect,” where the benefits of cannabis can be enhanced when combined with terpenes. By providing a scalable, standardized and high quality solution, True Terpenes is helping companies leverage cannabis flavors.

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