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True Terpenes expands retail locations

True Terpenes is excited to announce we are expanding our brick and mortar presence across the United States through retail and distribution partnerships.

Over the years, we have become known for our award winning botanical terpene blends along with best-in-class quality, compliance and customer service.

It is in the spirit of customer service that we are building a network of dedicated and knowledgeable retailers to better serve our customer needs.

This announcement is just the beginning as we are seeking additional retail partners in states that have medical or recreational cannabis programs such as Washington, California and New York. We look forward to giving our customers an even easier path to purchasing and sampling their favorite aromatics while also offering business owners a dynamic new revenue stream within the fastest growing segment in the fastest growing industry. There has never been a better time to join the True Terpenes family.

True Terpenes will be offering discounts for partners and refer customers in those regions to the local retail partner. Education programs for staff and promotional tie-ins will also be available. In order to be considered for the program please fill out the form found here, and a sales representative will reach out. For other assistance please contact sales@trueterpenes.com.




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