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Super Lemon Haze Drop

Food and beverage director, Ross Hunsinger shows us how to mix up a Super Lemon Haze Drop.

This cocktail shines on all fronts. Flavor, aroma, and effect are all magnified with the additions of our Super Lemon Haze Precision Profile. Super Lemon Haze makes a fantastic addition to your list of secret ingredients. Using only terpenes found in the cannabis plant this profile shines with its citrus-forward nose, herbal middle notes and a base note of direct-from-the-garden funk you only find in cannabis. The addition adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to your cocktails. We routinely see imbibers eyebrows raise when they sip a terpene cocktail for the first time. The experience is familiar yet new. If you’ve smelled a rose, you know what a terpene is. Terpenes are an aromatic class of hydrocarbons that add flavor, aroma, and effect to almost anything you can imagine. Though it’s rare to see Terpenes added to cocktails, it’s becoming increasingly common amongst trendsetters and forward-thinking bartenders.

First, Ross infuses white sugar in a simple zip lock bag. Given 24 hours in a sealed container gives the Haze Precision Profile time to fully infuse into the sugar. He then gives the rim a quick wipe with a piece of lemon and rims the glass with the Terpene Infused sugar. After that, he muddles generous lemon slices with some of the infused sugar. Shakes the recipe below and strains into the Terpene rimmed glass.




2 oz Ketel One Vodka

1/2 oz Cointreau

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

1 cup Sugar

1/2 lemon

1ml Super Lemon Haze

For more, check the vid and like and subscribe over on our Youtube Channel.

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